Sep 2010 29

I was sifting through my many random pics & came across one that I wanted to make sure to pass on……On a trip to SF, not long ago (June), my girl & I set out to grab some dim sum in Chinatown (as I feel everyone should do while there). Here we are minding our own business & randomly I come across this nice Banksy piece staring me down. Well, I felt it my duty to capture it on film & pass it on. Like most Banksy’s, it’s very subtle yet direct & to the point. From the research I’ve done, I guess the piece was done in late April. Also, if you haven’t already, I recommend seeing Exit Through The Gift Shop. It’s a Banksy film that tells the story of a french photographer obsessed with street art which causes him to become a street artist himself known as “Mr. Brainwash”. It’s  quite entertaining….