May 2014 28

This short documentary – available here for preview – weaves process, story and sound experimentation into a visceral cinema experience. Box of Sound – documents the process of making a cigar box into a synthesizer by Antoine Kattar: circuit bender, musician, and audio hardware engineer. The box is expertly put to use by Chicago electronic music producer Searchl1te, to create a truly unique song. Searchl1te is also shadowed as he gathers field recordings, breaking glass to create a snare and banging train cars for use as a bass drum.

Apr 2011 07

Here are some photos from the Pendulum / Interpartysystem show @ H.O.B. Las Vegas on 2/26/11…skybox baby, it’s the only to go!!!
cheers, OB

ps..better late than never

And be sure to check out 119 Sound artis, King, when he opens for Chase & Status @ H.O.B. Las Vegas on 4/16/11!!!

Nov 2010 15

Been Pretty blown away with what people are doing with visuals lately…. the technology is getting cheaper and cheaper and the kids are getting smarter and smarter… Soon 12 year olds will dream of being equipped in lazer suits thats react to their beats while their personally designed tron grid goes bananas behind em….. they probably already are.

The first 2 are by the team of cats at really amazing work.

Make it melt

This one is a kind of unique take on mapping using hand drawings. me love geometry