Jan 2011 13

I can’t take credit for this one, J.Paul put me up on this guy……so illy!!! My question is how did I never hear of him before?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean there’s beatboxers & then there’s DUB FX….next level ish!!!

Jan 2011 12

Dave’s studio antics are not that much different than HavocNdeeD’s…

With Love from J.Peezey!

Jan 2011 05

hahahahaha….King showed me this tonight & being such a fan of the song, it gave me quite the chuckle…cheers & happy new year, OB

Nov 2010 30

Greetings one & all…we are proud to present our official label remix we did of Linkin Park’s “Wretches & Kings”. Other remixers on the project include Diplo, Glitch Mob, & Get Busy Committee. It is forthcoming on Warner Brothers but we aren’t sure of a release date yet…keep you posted…cheers, OB

Nov 2010 15

Been Pretty blown away with what people are doing with visuals lately…. the technology is getting cheaper and cheaper and the kids are getting smarter and smarter… Soon 12 year olds will dream of being equipped in lazer suits thats react to their beats while their personally designed tron grid goes bananas behind em….. they probably already are.

The first 2 are by the team of cats at really amazing work.

Make it melt

This one is a kind of unique take on mapping using hand drawings. me love geometry


Nov 2010 05

Aaaah, I bet you were expecting an old school hip hop post. Well, you are incorrect my friends. As wonderful as T.R.O.Y. is, I am “reminiscing” about another one of my favorite periods of music…classic, gut-punching, kick-your-friend-in-the-face, out-of-tune-guitar, vocal squealing, old fashioned PUNK!!! Here’s a great vid of The Misfits to elbow your Aunt Betty in the throat to….cheers, OB

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