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On one hand they say to forget the past… To never look back and press forward. On the other that you don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from. Well, 119 Sound has found a way to look back in time while still forging ahead in the world of electronic music by bringing you a compilation of some of our finest releases that were, and are still ahead of their time. Though some of these joints were released years ago, this collection shows that a forward thinking label along with stellar artist contributions have no expiration date. Sit back, relax, crank up the ol’ digital phonograph and enjoy.


Jun 2014 20

Big shout to Lea Luna for picking The Nightcomers remix of Air Stegosaurus ‘Vegas On Acid’ as one of her top 10 EDC releases of the week for Vibe Magazine. The whole release will be available on 7/1/14.

The Nightcomers - Vibe Top 10 List


Nov 2013 11

New collab from 119 Sound vets HavocNdeeD & Air Stegosaurus…grab it below

Sep 2012 12

HavocNdeeD’s official remix of Cypress Hill x Rusko ft. Damian Marley “Can’t Keep Me Down” is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!


Cypress Hill x Rusko ft. Damian Marley – Can’t Keep Me Down (HavocNdeeD “One For The Kids” RemiX) by HavocNdeeDsounD

Jul 2012 20

In celebration of their recent EP release of Distoria, HavocNdeeD are giving away a free download of the mixed version of the entire EP called Heightened Distoria. The thirty-six minute long mix is an uninterrupted version of the EP, complete with intro and interludes.


Feb 2012 13

Kastle – I Know (King Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Feb 2012 07

Searchl1te brings us this deeply creative 3 song release now available on all fine digital download sites including Beatport. Preview the EP here:

See the story behind Antoine’s Cigar Box…

Antoine’s Cigar Box Synth from Ryan Searchl1te on Vimeo.

******Download From Beatport Here******

Jan 2012 31

Searchl1te puts a heavy bass treatment on the GS Boys! Heavy, heavy remix! Limited download available exclusively on 119 Sound!

Also make sure to grab his next release on 119 Sound.

Antoine’s Cigar Box EP

A 3-track EP that is at once lush and monstrous, diverse and coherent, for heads as well as booties. Comprised mostly of sounds from two synthesizers made out of cigar boxes and field recordings collected in New Mexico and Chicago, Antoine’s Cigar Box is premeditated bass music murder.

Dec 2011 31

Greetings…Here is a bootleg we did recently that is very fitting for these modern chaotic times we live in. Hope everyone has a great new year!

Seal – Crazy (HavocNdeeD BootleG) by HavocNdeeDsounD

Oct 2011 11

Sick tune! King and Hulk go together and made this little footwork and soul inspired gem! Definitely from the future!

They are giving it away as a free download once they reach 1000 plays. Listen/download via soundcloud below.


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