Sep 2010 19

Been waitin’ to post until this baby came in! A far cry from OB1’s commitment to “119,” but it’s def a good start! (And a hell of a lot less painful…) My next posts will def have a lot more substance, but I figured that this was a good start! So it begins! Bo!Bo!Bo!!!!!!!!! -J.Paul

Sep 2010 14

Recently we (HavocNdeeD) traveled to Melbourne & Gold Coast, Australia to play some dates. With the exception of terrible internet service pretty much anywhere we were, the country & it’s people are nothing short of amazing.Although, Las Vegas & Phoenix are good in their own ways, it’s no secret that they lack a bit in culture. Melbourne (or Melbin, as they would pronounce it), doesn’t have that problem in the slightest. The have a thriving coffee & street art scene. Melbourne, in a lot of ways, reminds me of San Francisco & Gold Coast of Miami. Here are some picks to wet your whistle…cheers, OB

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