May 2011 30

Push up ya lighta to dis!!! Camo UFOs – U Get Tha Hornz is now available everywhere!!! Remixes by Kozee & Air Stegosaurus. Go get you a piece of this jungle, juke, & bass madness!!! cheeers, OB

Camo UFOs – U Get Tha Hornz by 119 Sound

Camo UFOs – U Get Tha Hornz (Kozee Remix) by 119 Sound

Camo UFOs – U Get Tha Hornz (Air Stegosaurus Remix) by 119 Sound



May 2011 05

Yuh nuh ready fi dis!!! Release OON006 featuring Camo UFOs – Bashment Crue with jungle & drumstep remixes by Urban Assault is now available exclusive on Beatport…..Classic old school jungle vibes!!!

Camo UFOs – Bashment Crue (Original Mix) by 119 Sound

Camo UFOs – Bashment Crue (Urban Assault Jungle Remix) by 119 Sound

Camo UFOs – Bashment Crue (Urban Assault Drumstep Remix) by 119 Sound


Jan 2011 13

I can’t take credit for this one, J.Paul put me up on this guy……so illy!!! My question is how did I never hear of him before?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean there’s beatboxers & then there’s DUB FX….next level ish!!!

Nov 2010 05

Can’t wait for this release…proper ol’ school ragga jungle vibe ting!!!

Nov 2010 01

Ok yes, this is a bit passed due, but at least it’s getting posted right?!?! I had to pick up the slack for “J.Peezy” & finally get these sets up. As the title clearly states, these are our sets from KISS FM when we were in Melbourne last time…

Set 1 – OB (reggae/classic hip hop/glitch/drum-n-bass/dubstep/uk funky/garage)
HavocNdeeD live @ Kiss FM, Melbourne 9/8/10 pt.1 (OB-one) by HavocNdeeDsounD

Set 2 – J.Paul (glitch/bassline/fidget/dubstep/uk funky/house)
HavocNdeeD live @ Kiss FM, Melbourne 9/8/10 pt.2 (J.Paul) by HavocNdeeDsounD

Set 3 – OB & J.Paul…split set (dubstep/soul)
HavocNdeeD live @ Kiss FM, Melbourne 9/8/10 pt.3 (split set) by HavocNdeeDsounD

Hope you enjoy…cheers, OB

ps. Video to follow eventually :-/

Oct 2010 25

Found another one of my mixes from the “Golden Era”…good ‘ol fashion hardstep & jump up classics…cheers, OB

Heavy by Deejay OB-one

Oct 2010 17

This past week, UK Thursdays had the opportunity of hosting LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad. I’ll be posting video & pics of the show itself soon, but this here photo was taken outside of their (LTJ & Conrad’s) preferred American eatery… That’s right… In-N-Out Burger. I’ve definitely learned that British bass-heads LOVE their In-N-Out Burger. Man… I can relate! This is how I feel about Nando’s!

Anyway, just wanted to show some love for 119 and classic DnB in general. Bo Bo Bo!!!!!!


Oct 2010 15

I couldn’t resist posting this vid from the Red Bull Music Academy’s Culture Clash last night where Shy FX reps hard for Metalheadz w/Katy B “On a Mission” & Newham Generals “Hard” dubs. Poor Skream & Benga…all in good fun right?!?! (insert gun shots & airhorn)…cheers, OB

Oct 2010 14

Not a lot to say other than a good ‘ol fashion d-n-b mix from my past choc filled with a bit of ragga, jump up, & hardstep. As for the name of the mix, well that’s a whole other story. Hope you enjoy….cheers, OB

What About Ben?!?! by Deejay OB-one

Sep 2010 28

Shouts to the homie OB for unearthing an old mix of mine a few posts back…I too have a shovel.  Peep what I found in the backyard…

These are links to two early mixtapes (for real, tapes!) of mine from ’93 and ’94 (I think).  The tracklistings are long gone, but for those of you into a ragga jungle type sound from back then please give these a try.  Let me know what you think.

Respect to for posting these ancient artifacts.

Special shouts to Rob One (RIP) for cover art…I am sure there is a Rob One post coming in the future – watch the blog.

Josh Swissman

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