Jun 2012 19

More 119 in & around town…

Apr 2012 05

Been a minute, but back with more 119 around town…

Sep 2011 02
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Mar 2011 01

I know what you’re saying to yourself….”a life of a label owner is so glamorous. I mean taking pictures of stickers in bathrooms is just awesome”….And to that I say, you are right!!! haha…cheers, OB

Feb 2011 16

We love to show you 119 in & around town….sometimes it’s not all that glamorous though :-(

Oct 2010 28


Sep 2010 29

randoms….gorilla street marketing….all done by mind control



Sep 2010 19

Been waitin’ to post until this baby came in! A far cry from OB1’s commitment to “119,” but it’s def a good start! (And a hell of a lot less painful…) My next posts will def have a lot more substance, but I figured that this was a good start! So it begins! Bo!Bo!Bo!!!!!!!!! -J.Paul