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This Here is a delightful little mix done by a friend of 119 that goes by “ILL-LEGAL?” He’s proven himself as a seasoned vet when it comes to Live Performances and Mixtapes and is currently hard at work crafting tracks due for release this year. (119 Sound 2011 !?!?!????) Peep http://soundcloud.com/ill-legal for more info!

Below is the link to not only his latest, but also previous mixes. Enjoy!



Nov 2010 22

She Vs. I features two guest DJ’s and co-founders of a monthly Dubstep event called Smash!. 80 Dub and King.

Episode 23 by She Vs. I

80 DUB Mix

1. Feel It – Original Mix – V.I.V.E.K.
2. Breath So Near feat. Ryan Slack – Phychostep Remix (Fine Cut Bodies Remix) – Two Dollar Hooker
3. 7th Curse – Original Mix – Headhunter
4. Greybird – Original Mix – Subjazz
5. We Go Deep – Original Mix – Trolley Snatcha
6. Melancolie – Vyvyan Dubstep Rework – Niala’kil
7. Modern Day Slavery – Wonder Dubstep Mix – Spectral Band Replication
8. Itch – Original Mix – Kutz
9. Lazarus – Original Mix – Pinch
10.Vansan – Original Mix – Appleblim
11. Someone Like U – Original Mix – Deadly Habit
12. Rec Loose – Original Mix – NGUZUNGUZU
13. Until Next Time – Original Mix – Arkist


1. Om Unit – Ether
2. SDP vs DJ Lengua – Mi Camino
3. Coki n Benga – Night (SDP Dub)
4. Pop Dat Dyck Up – Sissy Nobby
5. Spank Rock – What It Look Like (Tod Edwards Mix)
6. Flinch – Register
7. Fantastic Mr. Fox – Evelyn
8. Mj Cole & Wiley – From The Drop (L-Vis 1990 RMX)
9. Mj Cole & Wiley – From The Drop
10. LV Feat Okmalumkoolkat – Boomslang
11. Acre – Ghat
12. Shy FX – Raver (MJ Cole Remix)
13. Bad Dudes – Blackout (Straight Percs)
14. Distal – Boss of The South
15. DJ Nate – We Can Work This Out – (Bad Dudes Remix)
16. DJ Rashad – It’z Not Rite
17. Bombaman – Harem Scream
18. Mensah – Stapelton Road VIP
19. Ghost Mutt – Thoroughbred
20. Flinch – No Alarm
21. ?? – French Fries Remix
22. King – Read You
23. Ghost Mutt – Platinum Skull
24. LV Feat Okmalumkoolkat – Zharp
25. Freddie Gibbs – Oil Money (Feat. Chuch Inglish, Chip Tha Ripper, Bun B Dan Auerbach)

KING VI Mix (She Vs I Podcast 23) by KING

Nov 2010 01

Ok yes, this is a bit passed due, but at least it’s getting posted right?!?! I had to pick up the slack for “J.Peezy” & finally get these sets up. As the title clearly states, these are our sets from KISS FM when we were in Melbourne last time…

Set 1 – OB (reggae/classic hip hop/glitch/drum-n-bass/dubstep/uk funky/garage)
HavocNdeeD live @ Kiss FM, Melbourne 9/8/10 pt.1 (OB-one) by HavocNdeeDsounD

Set 2 – J.Paul (glitch/bassline/fidget/dubstep/uk funky/house)
HavocNdeeD live @ Kiss FM, Melbourne 9/8/10 pt.2 (J.Paul) by HavocNdeeDsounD

Set 3 – OB & J.Paul…split set (dubstep/soul)
HavocNdeeD live @ Kiss FM, Melbourne 9/8/10 pt.3 (split set) by HavocNdeeDsounD

Hope you enjoy…cheers, OB

ps. Video to follow eventually :-/

Sep 2010 21

What’s up world…this is my first offering up on what is sure to be the illest blog on the planet next week (really?!), followed up by what is sure to be the illest label on the planet the week after that (oh word?!).  I’m just playin, I’ve never been one for egos and bragging, but I am excited about what my boys and I are up to here at 119 Sound.

A quick word about me though since none of you know who I am…I’m an old man named Josh Swissman and I am a junkie music digger who has been trying to figure out these turntables since the mid 80’s.  I’ve amassed thousands upon thousands of CD’s and at least three times as many records that span a ton of genres (look for some more specifics about the collection in later posts).  The cool part about being down with music that is all over the map is that you can select a little bit of the best from a lot of different styles and you can create something that is better than the sum of its parts.

That brings me to what OB, King, J.Paul and I want to accomplish with 119 Sound.  If we do this right, we will be taking a little bit of what we think is the best from a lot of different genres and putting them together in a collection of beats that hopefully make you move.  This isn’t a new idea…many have done it before.  In fact, let’s go back to 1982 for a minute to talk about six guys that did the same thing and ended up making one of my favorite tracks of all time.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Rockin’ It” by The Fearless Four (yes there were six members in The Fearless Four).  Hip Hop was in an interesting spot back in the early 80’s and there was a ton of experimentation going on with the style as many artists tried to shed the disco image and sound that had come to characterize the music in the preceding years.  These guys went all the way across the Atlantic to liberate an unlikely sample from the seminal Kraftwerk tune “The Man-Machine” to define a new sound that was disparate in its ingredients, but couldn’t sound more put together in its result.

Fearless Four – Rockin’ It

Sometimes you gotta look backward before you make plans to go forward…look for us to build on this idea that The Fearless Four and others like them set forth many years ago with 119 Sound.

Josh Swissman

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