Apr 2014 28





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Jun 2012 19

Good times, lots of booze, & jokes…

Jun 2011 24

Check this  hilarious video we just stumbled upon from some crazy college broz!!  It features 119 Sound artist especial, Air Stegosaurus on the audio!  Then they go in to Gucci Gucci!  WOW! Legendary!

Feb 2011 16

I’m beginning to think our partner Swiss sends us these pics with the intention of us posting them. I’m almost starting to think he enjoys it. Anyways, enjoy another goofy ass pic of our big bruv, Swiss…cheers, OB

Feb 2011 03

I’m sorry this is too good not to post. Gave me a bit of a chuckle last night when our long time friend Dave Fogg (aka DJ Create from Baby’s Nightclub days) showed me this. I will neither confirm nor deny that I used to dance like this in my raver days…cheers, OB

Jan 2011 19

A big bassy happy b-day to our bredren & the other half of HavocNdeeD, J.Paul!!!

…a couple of nice little bits for ya…

Jan 2011 12

Dave’s studio antics are not that much different than HavocNdeeD’s…

With Love from J.Peezey!

Jan 2011 05

hahahahaha….King showed me this tonight & being such a fan of the song, it gave me quite the chuckle…cheers & happy new year, OB

Dec 2010 13

NO, we have not turned into a country music label & YES, you are seeing this correctly….it is our beloved Joshua Samuel Swissman in a cowboy hat & a super super rad shirt. Word on the street is that he had the pink version of this lovely ensemble on the night before. When asked about this craziness, Swiss was quoted in saying “Weird thing is I’m kinda into it now…”

ps…Coming soon on this tip, keep an eye out for a classic known as the “album cover game” born in the Baby’s Hard Rock days & created with love by Swiss & myself.